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Kirby's latest release, "Here To Testify" contains 10 original tracks, all of which he wrote himself. The album is a compilation of Contemporary Christian, Country Gospel, and Modern Country.

The title track, "Here To Testify" kicks of the album and is written about the power of witnessing that we serve for Christ. It is followed by "Back When Life Was Little" which Kirby wrote based on the events of his childhood in a rural Southern Indiana. The song compares the things that Kirby enjoyed as a kid to the challenges faced during adult life.

"Country Standard Time" is an uptempo song comparing the constant bickering over time zone designation versus the slow paced lifestyle of country living.

"How You Spend The Dash" was written based off of comments made at the end of many Sunday Sermons at Moores Ridge United Methodist Church where Kirby and his family still attend. The song talks of spending your life focused on important things and not materialistic ones.

"Country Addiction" is a personal favorite of Kirby's and is a "backwoods anthem" about living the country life....Hunting and Fishing...two of his favorite pastimes. This song is definitely written from firsthand knowledge and personal experience in the outdoors.

"Let His Light Shine Through" kicks off the second half of the album and was written based on two significant local events....Mathew 5:16 Day is a Christian work day held annually in Orange County to promote the strength of witnessing for Jesus Christ by helping others. This event was originally conceived by the congregation at Mount Lebanon Church in French Lick, led by April Kinarium. During the same time period, two teenage boys from French Lick were each diagnosed with forms of Cancer,,,,,one would survive and the other would go home to be with the Lord. The song reflects the small-town generosity and selfless sacrifice by numerous individuals in the French Lick and surrounding area during their families time of need. "Changed Man" is a personal reflection of Kirby's life before and after he established a relationship with Jesus Christ. The song speaks of the life altering event of becoming saved through God's Grace.

"Coming Soon (To a Sinner Near You) is an up tempo "roadhouse" type song coined from the phrase "Coming Soon....to a theater near you". In today's society it's unfortunate that those words can create an attitude of excitement when the concept of Christ coming into sinners lives throughout the world often does not generate the same vibe.

"He Is" is a song Kirby wrote based on the many questions his young daughter posed to him concerning the physical presence of Jesus. The song reminds everyone that God is around us in spirit everyday if we will only take the time to connect with him through his creation. 

"How Beautiful Heaven Must Be" speaks of the escape from the pain we often experience here in our earthly home in contrast to what believers will experience in their Heavenly Home. The song features vocals from Kirby's 9-year old daughter....Addison.

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